Headed out Fishing

Defiant Posted By Defiant, Sep 11, 2012 at 6:39 PM

  1. DexterDay


    Yep.. Definitely needs to happen. Even if its just a long weekend trip.

    Would be a great time. Joe posts some nice pics of BBQ.. Cant wait to try it :)
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  2. smoke show

    smoke show

    Fishins not my gig, I'll stay back with the gals n keep em company. ;)

    And keep the beer frosty...
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  3. smoke show

    smoke show

    I'm gonna volunteer Dex's place. :p At least I can drive there. Make it a long weekend???

    I've seen pics of his partys... ;)
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  4. DexterDay


    This past Saturday was a Good one (Smoke knows!).....

    I would be willing to host the small get together. But I have a fire pit, cant cut on my property (not many trees), and just thought that more people lived further East.

    But for the small group that would show, my home is always open to my Hearth friends. No matter where its at, its gonna be a good time :) No doubt about it!
  5. Defiant

    Vermont Castings Geek

    Dec 5, 2007
    Old Lyme CT
    [​IMG]on my way!!!!:cool:

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