Hearth.com sees record traffic in 2013

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    A great big THANK YOU to our readers, contributors and staff!

    Hearth.com has made it #5000 or higher (lower numbers are better) in the list of more than 20 million web sites measured by Quantcast. You can see some of the statistics in the enclosed chart or at this URL:
    (click the "month" tab).

    Our traffic puts our site on a par with such well known sites as:
    Taylorswift.com (official site of Taylor Swift!)
    uspto.gov (the government patent and trademark site!)
    rcgroups.com (massive radio-controlled hobby site)
    and many other well known brands and sites!

    Despite growth in former years, Hearth.com is seeing strong year-to-year increases of 20 to 50% as well as an increase in "new" visitors. It appears another generation of informed energy consumers is being forged. Please see enclosed google analytics charts.

    Thanks again to all our visitors - both long-term and newer!


    Hearth.com LLC and the Hearth.com Staff

    Note : Those of you who have interest in trends may want to know that monday, without fail, is always the busiest day of the week and records are likely to be broken each monday through this fall and winter. Busy mondays have been the rule for this and most other internet sites for a decade or more.
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