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slofr8 Posted By slofr8, Sep 19, 2006 at 1:27 PM

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  1. slofr8

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Northern Maine
    Hi everyone,
    I'm living in a house that I've been building for the last year and a half. My next project will be a hearth pad and wood stove. the stove will be a Hearthstone Heritage. The online manual says I need an R-value of 1.2 for the pad. I was going to try and keep the pad as close to the height of the yet uninstalled floor. The floor will be 1/2" floating floor.
    If I go with wonderboard (.40 R-value per 1/2") and natural slate I would have close to a 2" pad. The manual gives 1/8" horizontal still air .92 and mineral wool insulation 3.12, but I can't get my head around how I would incorpoate these into the pads consruction. Ideas?
    Also, I called for a price on this stove and he quoted me the MSR price as set by Hearthstone. I asked if this was negotional and he said that it wasn't less $100 if they don't have to deliver it. I'm 55 miles away.
    Is this the norm? I've rarely seen an industry that wouldn't dicker a little but demand would dictate I suppose.
    Thanks, Dan.
  2. MountainStoveGuy

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Boulder County
    hearthstones are in high demand, and there backed up at the factory and not shipping stoves untill christmas. What ever the dealer has in stock is what he is going to have to sell this season. It woulndt suprise me for hearthstone dealers to charge full list plus frieght this year.
    Micore 300 has a r value of 1.1 per half inch, but you cant tile directy on it, its too soft. You would need to laminate it with 1/2" backer board or something to give it some rigidity. Micore is kind of like that false celing tile material. Hope that helps.
  3. brian_in_idaho

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    Aug 23, 2006
    Jewel Lake (Sagle), Idaho
    MSG has you covered on the flooring info, fwiw the Hearthstone requirements vary considerably from stove to stove. The Mansifield manual specifies only "noncombustable" material on the floor, no minimum R-value unless you go into an alcove, then it needs R .8. Glad to see you are paying attention to the manual. Also, you can get wonderboard in 1/4 inch sheets, I don't know how well this would work over Micore, if it would distribute the weight adequately to avoid compressing the Micore and cracking your morter. BTW, if you can get it delivered and set in place for $100-its a bargin!

    MSG, do you know how to install wonderboard over Micore? I'm wondering if you can use thinset like you would over a plywood subfloor, or if this hurts the R value of the Micore.

    Around here, one dealer is charging MSRP (had a sale on a few weeks back in conjunction with our county fair that put it 10% under MSRP), but other dealers are several hundred dollars over MSRP. IIRC, one place had a "base" Mansfield in black for about $2850, before the SE price increase. If you are getting one at or near the manufacturers listing it sounds like a pretty good deal.

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