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Husqvarna chaps or heavy cotton bib overalls

Post in 'The Gear' started by MnDave, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. MasterMech

    MasterMech Guest

    Which ones were those? Inquiring minds need to know.... ==c

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  2. Flamestead

    Flamestead Feeling the Heat

    Nov 9, 2011
    Windsor County, Vermont
    Hmmm, after a brief search they were located. Looking at them for the first time since February, the reason I was remembering some were built where the protection stops early is because the pair I have are somewhat built that way. The protection stops an inch or two below the crotch of the pants. I did try on multiple types (my wife maintains a supply room for a crew), and these were the ones that seemed best, but now I'm second-guessing why (I still think some stopped the protection even lower down the thigh).


    I do like the high back and the tie at the cuffs to keep out snow, they are quite warm and wind-proof.

    12-ply, meets ASTM F1897-2008 39JY, with a UL label.
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  3. maple1

    maple1 Minister of Fire

    Sep 15, 2011
    Nova Scotia
    I've only ever had pants. If it's cold, I just make sure I've got my long undies on. I might check out the chaps when these pants wear out - will likely come down to pricing at that time.

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