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"I'm Truly Committed to Heating With Wood" Poll

Post in 'The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces' started by downeast, Sep 7, 2008.


How Much Wood Heat Do I DO ?

  1. 24/7 Wood Heat with NO Fossil Fuel Backup

  2. Fossil Thermostat set @ 55 F, Wood "Up From" 55 F

  3. Fossil Fuels: Wood for Morning and Evening Fires Only

  4. Most Fossil: Wood for Romance and Weekends

  5. Fossil Fuel Shut Off Completely: Wood Heat EXCEPT When Away for Awhile

  6. Forget Wood Heating: Too Much Work, Pollutes, Dirty

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  7. I Just Like HearthNet Chatting

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  1. ScottF

    ScottF New Member

    Aug 7, 2008
    Southern NH
    Im with him, I know not all heating oil is from the middle east but If any is I dont want to fund the people that hate us. #1 reason.

    Also #2 Oil is way too expensive and oil Companys are getting too rich. I dont want to add to that.

    #3 Wood burning is better for the environment than fossil fuels.

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  2. ATVriderINmass

    ATVriderINmass Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    Chelmsford, Ma
    Installed stove in january burned mostly pallets at first then picked up a cord..we use LP for cooking,water heater and the fireplace that we dont use anymore and our forced air heating system is kerosene which is more money than oil...we dont use that much at all either..we set the thermostat at 65. thermostat usaully reads 85-92.. 25 ft from the stove...Go Englander!!
  3. downeast

    downeast Guest

    Now don't you feel better now getting it all off your chest ? %-P :lol: :roll:
    Ahhhh: the truth at last.
  4. mayhem

    mayhem Minister of Fire

    May 8, 2007
    Peru, MA
    24x7 wood, oil for DHW and to get the zones I don't have the best airflow into yet. I cut my oil consumption by 50% last year, first year I installed the stove, hope for annual incremental improvements beyond that.
  5. caber

    caber New Member

    Feb 6, 2008
    Western Maryland
    Last year we did 95% wood only. Had a portable electric heater we turned on if we were going to be away for 10+ hours to keep pipes from freezing. This winter we will have our addition finished. Now there are 2 wood stoves (one in the kitchen area and one in the great room) and a radiant heat flooring system for backup. Floor of the addition is 24'x30' of 6+ inches of concrete with the pex in it for the radiant heat - propane tankless water heater. The room is a giant heat-sink with a wall of tall windows facing the south to pickup all the passive solar. The concrete floor should hold all the heat overnight. mmmmmm warm floor.

    I will do as much wood heat as we can, but I like to have backup options if we need to be away for a while.
  6. jjhof0306

    jjhof0306 New Member

    Aug 1, 2008
    Southwest NH
    We're going to try to do all wood. The thermostat is set as far back as it will go. This is our first winter heating with wood since our wood-eating monster boiler in Vermont, so we'll see how it goes. I'm hopeful.
  7. WoodMann

    WoodMann Minister of Fire

    Feb 9, 2008
    New Mexico
    I cast on option #2. I have the 'stat set to 58* as back up which comes on more than I'd like. Living alone makes it dificult to run 24- 7 as someone is not always there to feed the stove but I do the best I can.............
  8. TMonter

    TMonter Minister of Fire

    Feb 8, 2007
    Hayden, ID
    The only time the furnace comes on at our house is when we're out of town. I have it set at 53 and it's mainly set to keep pipes from freezing. We haven't used the furnace for actual heat in 4+ years now.
  9. downeast

    downeast Guest

    From one who blew it long ago and far away: set the thermostat higher. Most of them are notoriuously inaccuarate both + and - . Pipes can freeze well above freezing since some are in areas away from the "thermostat". When they freeze solid, then burst, the argita and cost are beyond belief. Some insurance covers burst pipes and damage; check on yours.
    Idaho can be as cold as Downeast I've heard tell.
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