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    We now have a small wood burning stove which serves heat for a l2'X20' Family room and an adjoining small room. We would like to change to a gas stove and have some questions regarding. The wood stove is vented through the roof (this is an add on so pipe goes straight up) its the metal bestos and is in good condition. Would we need a line in this pipe for a vented gas stove? What is your opinion on a vent free for this area size?


    You should place an aluminum liner up through the existing metal chimney. This liner is much smaller than the existing pipe, and therefore assures that the chimney stays warm and drafts well.

    A vented stove may serve you better since you already have a chimney. It will not be subject to the "less than 4 hours per day" guidelines that you would want to follow with a vent free stove.

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