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GaryGary Posted By GaryGary, Jul 30, 2013 at 6:39 PM

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  1. GaryGary

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    A couple interesting articles on natural gas:

    More of the drop US in CO2 emissions is from efficiency/conservation than increased NG production:

    $100 million in flared NG a month:

    Flaring all that NG just seems nuts at a time we are trying reduce CO2 emissions.

    Both of these from the Midwest Energy News newsletter, which I've found to be consistently interesting source of energy news:

  2. tom in maine

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    Yeah, but Gary, it is the clean burning fuel!
  3. begreen

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    The light from flaring off gas is a huge waste and quite dramatic when seen at night. It is easily seen in large areas of ND and SD by satellite photos. The other lovely by-product is leaked methane, a much worse GH gas, that is not flared off at these sites.
    • Between 3.6 and 7.9% of the methane escapes into the atmosphere during shale-gas production due to venting and well leaks; this level is at least 30% higher than that released during conventional natural gas production.
    • On a 20-year time horizon, the GHG footprint for shale gas is up to 43% higher than conventional natural gas, 50% greater than oil and 20% higher than coal for the same amount of energy produced by each of those other sources.
    - See more at:
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