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    Hi, I just bought a home 14yrs old. heated by forced hot air. The stove was tapped into the distribution air duct by a plenum. The problem I have is that it is about 6 or 7 feet from the wall with a long flu with 2 45's. out the wall and up a chimney.(two story house.) is that too far for safe operation, also the stove has a small blower on the makeup air. do i just let it suck the air from the room or do i have to connect it to outside air. who should i have inspect it for safety? is there a jensen dealer? thanks.


    If the stove drafts and burns correctly, then the distance to the chimney will be OK. Yes, it will be ok to use room air for the make-up air for combustion. This is a very small fan and should not cause a negative pressure in the basement. In the event that your house and basement are extra tight, you could crack a basement window or remove some caulking to get some air into the area near the furnace.

    Jensen was located in Racine, Wisconsin. I am not certain if they are still in business.

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