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Laptop for 1986 GMC C1500 with AC

Post in 'The Gear' started by Pallet Pete, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Pallet Pete

    Pallet Pete Guest

    Amateur Cutter and I did a swap to benefit us both. He needed a good computer for his business and I need a good reliable vehicle soooo. The computer is a $1200 MacBook Pro I have two computers and only need one ;) this fit the bill for him well. I needed a good wood hauler / daily driver the truck needed a 308 rear aside from that it is in ridiculously good shape. I bought a 308 in good shape and we put it in the truck runs very well and wakes up the neighborhood in the morning. ::-) All in all a good deal for both of us. Now AC wishes he kept the truck because it is so nice running. ;lol


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  2. BrotherBart

    BrotherBart Hearth.com LLC Mid-Atlantic Division Staff Member

    Nov 18, 2005
    Northern Virginia
    Glad you got your rear in gear. ;lol
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  3. Pallet Pete

    Pallet Pete Guest

    O ya this would be gear wouldn't it ! ;em ;lol

  4. loadstarken

    loadstarken Burning Hunk

    Dec 16, 2012
    Redmond, WA
    Nice, now go fill it up with wood!
  5. DexterDay

    DexterDay Guest

    Sweet I need to come trade AC some stuff...

    ( I want Saws ) ;)

    Those were some nice Chevys. Prob some of the best years made. IMO
  6. Boog

    Boog Minister of Fire

    Oct 31, 2012
    NE Ohio
    I'm still waiting for that old air compressor to show up over here;lol
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  7. DexterDay

    DexterDay Guest

    Pics coming tomorrow via PM

    (Back to your reg sch programming)

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