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Shmudda Posted By Shmudda, Dec 15, 2012 at 4:39 PM

  1. Shmudda

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Western Pennsylvania
    I want to build one of these units. Anybody have some good descriptive pics they would like to share? I have some basic designs on my mind already, but always looking for the better widget!

    Thanks in advance for any information

  2. BrianK


    Check out Battenkiller/drfera's arch at http://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/my-new-log-rite-log-arch.69837/

    I don't think he would mind me sharing his drawing:[​IMG]

    I'm collecting parts for one too. I have an old rusted out utility trailer I'm going to use for axles/spindles/wheels/tires and a friend is picking up scraps for me from his metal shop for the rest of the build. I need to order log tongs or find a pair on CL. Hope to have it built by early 2013.
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  3. bogydave

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    Dec 4, 2009
    So Cent ALASKA
    Have thought about one also.
    Saved this picture, like the wheel deflectors.
    Could be beefed up a bit on the arched IMO

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  4. BrianK


    Apparently my image of Battenkiller's plans didn't load properly. I've attached a copy:

    Attached Files:

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  5. ScotO


    I'll be building a variation of this as well. I've got around 9 huge white oak logs that I never got off of the farm this winter due to the living room project, but my neighbor has given me permission to skid them out. I can get my truck back there, too. So I'm hoping to do that sometime in July or August....

    Picked up a set of old garden tractor wheels/tires off of a buddy at work, just have to get the square tubing to make the frame and a 2" ball hitch to hook it to the truck.......
  6. BrianK


    Make sure you see this:

    LogRite Junior Log Arch plans and photos

    I pulled together all of Battenkiller's photos and his drawing of the plan and cut list into one new thread.
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  7. ScotO


    Well done, my friend! BTW, how have you been?
  8. BrianK


    I'm doing well, thanks. I was up near Boston for a Christian conference for health care professionals a week before the unfortunate bombings. On the way up, I picked up that A.B. Chance capstan winch in Buffalo:


    then drove over to Albany to spend the night with a friend before heading out to the conference. The winch was a steal at $250 and the photo doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately, a wheel bearing went out on my Ford Expedition 50 miles from Albany and cost me a $200 tow and $450 repair at my friend's local repair shop. The shop owner is a close friend of my friend so I got off cheap on the repair. Long story short, my friend lives on 33 acres and heats his home solely with wood and he's been looking for a capstan winch too. He offered to buy my winch off me at twice what I paid for it to help offset my car repair, and he let me use one of his cars to go to the conference while my Expedition was being repaired. Bottom line, the Lord is good, and I had a good visit and returned home safe (but without a capstan winch.)
  9. Piston


    Dec 4, 2008
    Upton, MA

    Instead of answering your question here, and taking over your thread with pics, I decided to post a new thread in response to your question. This may also help someone down the road that has the same questions you do.
    See this thread here:

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