Looks Like WE HAVE A PELLET GLUT on our hands this year !!

investor7952 Posted By investor7952, Sep 7, 2009 at 11:38 PM

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  1. samandlillie


    Oct 2, 2007
    Nova Scotia $300. per ton for Eastern Embers.
  2. MCPO

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    May 1, 2008
    western Ma , close to NY state border
    From what I read we (US) only 15% of our oil comes from the gulf , mostly from Canada and Mexico. The New England area is very dependant on home heating oil and account for most HHO , yet there has been no legislation from any New England states or the Feds to lesson our dependancy of HHO in favor of abundant NG . Tell me they are serious?
  3. rowerwet

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Merrimack Valley, MA
    Yes, it is canadian and mexican oil, but the price we will pay for it keeps the price that the bombhead supporters can charge up, otherwise the price would drop, (supply and demand) and they would have to park the private A380s and cut down on the palaces and how much the bombhead trainers got. The easiest answer, that doesn't harm our national economy, is tax credits for conservation (not giveaways like cash for clunkers) that would continue to remain until all the money laid out was credited for taxes over as many years as it took, AND DRILLING. Thinking that saving a percentage of our oil use will fix the problem is idiotic, energy use increases every year with the population, so the percentage could stay the same without any decrease in use of oil. Start drilling and the supply increases causing the price to drop (and employing AMERICANS).
    making a realistic tax credit for investment in alternative energy or heating would get me to invest the big bucks it would take to put in my dream system, and I would love employing people to make the stuff I need to build it, AND I would love not paying taxes to the govt. for the 40 years it would take to redeem the value of the tax credit, IF I didn't invest in more stuff. Once again proving that reducing taxes boosts the economy(a rising tide lifts all boats), just like JFK said decades ago.

    Oh yeah, MA is trying to do something about oil usage, they are taxing all you HHO users to try out the new bio oil (or some eco term like that) it is a certain percentage vegtable oil if I remember the commercial I heard. (another reason to burn wood/pellets!) yeah and I wonder what was used to pay for the commercial?
  4. btuser

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    Jan 15, 2009
    Principality of Pontinha
    We can't heat every home in America with wood. Period. I say we leave our oil in the ground and continue hanging our green-colored toilet paper out to the world as long as we can get away with it. If they want to trade goods and material for a promisary note backed by a private bank then so what?

    My family went to Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth NH last Summer. Its a cute little collection of 300 yr old homes that tries to portray the lifestyle of early, early America. Some people think its cool but being a lifer in the New England I've seen enough of it. One think stuck out however.

    We were getting the tour from a woman dressed in period garb, and she was explaining that this very special house belonged to a very successfull whaling captain who was rich by 1700's standards. I was poking around and asked if that was a closet in one of the bedrooms and she piped up "No, that's a pie cubbord. During Thanksgiving extra pies were made for Christmas and brought up to the bedrooms TO FREEZE UNTIL CHRISMAS!!!!!" The bedroom had a fireplace. It was used in the event someone was dying and couldn't be moved.

    This is an example of a very rich household. I can only imagine he/she/them could have bought wood if so desired. But then again, he would have had to pay gold and not a promisary not from the Federal Reserve.
  5. timbo

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Concord area, NH
    I grew up in a very large, old farmhouse in northern NH back in the 60's and 70's...we would cut, twitch (drag out of the woods), cut again, split and stack between 12-15 cords of wood every year just to heat that house in the winter with one wood boiler....half the house wasn't heated (the bedrooms) so we had lots of blankets....it was very cold in the morning when we got up to do barn chores. The animals had it relatively good...it was warmer in the barn than the house sometimes. This is why I LOVE pellets...
  6. Gweeper64

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Central MA
    They're caling it bioheat, which blends soy based biodiesel with HHO or #2 diesel. The commercials from the oil industry council are a bit misleading. They say something to the effect that is has "virtually zero emissons." They are correct for the "bio" part of the blend. But, the mandated blend is only 2% to begin with... so the other 98% is still good old #2. 2% help emissions, but it is still no where close to "zero". The mandate starts @ 2% in both HHO and diesel and increases to 5% after three years. It's a start, but but it can go further. I've run B100 (100 % biodiesel) in my VW TDI at times in the summer. It gets a bit expensive, so when run it, I usually mix 10 gal of #2 to 5 gal of Bio (so, about B33). I don't run it as often as I'd like though because the nearest bio pump is 35 miles away. I have to remember to bring my yellow jugs so I can fill up when I'm in the area. I'd be happy if the upped the mandate to B20.

    Sorry; getting OT a bit.
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