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    I recently purchased a townhouse that has a ventless gas fireplace. I'm concerned because the pilot light flame is about three inches long- and it is awfully noisy. Is this something that I should worry about? I'm leaving the pilot light off when not in use until I get some more answers on this. Also- how many BTU/hr does the average pilot light use? Thanks.


    Pilots can use from 100 to as much as 500+ BTU/Hour..still not enough to add too much to your energy bill. Many units do have an adjustment screw that can turn a pilot light down...however- I think this may not be available in Vent-Free units. Contact the manufacturer or retailer.You may be on the high end when it comes to gas pressure..and this can also cause the noisy pilot. Also- different room and fireplace designs can amplify the heat more...causing you to hear it as louder

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