Martin Stamping and Stove CW-3000 free standing fireplace Info?

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    Hi folks! New to the board here, name is Kelly and I live in Colorado Springs. I just picked up an old Martin free standing fireplace model CW-3000. I have looked far and wide for documentation on this fireplace so that I can permit the install with the city to no avail. I got some information from some fireplace company in Alabama (which is where Martin originated) and was told that company was bought by Monessen Hearth and US Stove. I got through to US Stove and have a gal looking her archives, but it's not looking promising.

    Anyhow, it seems like you all have a great forum here and figured this would be a great place to check as well. I tried searching this forum for "Martin" and only 1 thread returned. Hopefully somebody here might be able to help!

    Just looking for something official in the form of install document to satisfy the city permit department. Even if I do obtain the document, still not sure they will permit since it's not UL rated. Anyone that has feedback on either the Martin and\or permitting an older non-UL rate unit is GREATLY appreciated.

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