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Mascot Stove company. Anyone ever hear of it?

Post in 'The Pellet Mill - Pellet and Multifuel Stoves' started by Fyrman, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Fyrman

    Fyrman New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Central Ct
    Hi all. I have a house that was built in 1943. There is an old stove in the basement. It heated the house at one point. I found a tag on it that says, Mascot Stove Company, Chattanooga Tennessee. # 430 AS. Anybody know anything about it, them? It's still got brick linner. In a little rough condition, but I might take it on as a project one day.

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  2. frankjames

    frankjames New Member

    Sep 3, 2011
    West TN
    My great grandfather James Franklin James owned the Mascot Stove Company from the early teens until he sold it around 1927 after a union strike. You can do some internet searches for James Franklin James, Mascot Stove Company, or Kitchen Kumfort and you will find quite a bit. He was featured in ads for International Correspondence Schools in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics in 1921 and 1922---he had learned the foundry business first hand by working for his father in law at a foundry in South Pittsburgh, TN and later moved to the Chattanooga Roofing and Foundry Company the largest in the state in the teens where he became superintendent before going on his own with Mascot. He held patents for 4 significant inventions that improved the stove. The most complete information on him and Mascot can be found at http://genealogytrails.com/whitfield/bios.html ---you'll have to scroll down to his entry---it's the fourth one on the page---in addition to stoves the company also produced practice grenades (pieces of cast iron the shape and weight of a grenade with no charge in it) during World War I---my parents had one on the mantle for years but I haven't seen it in awhile---either my younger brother or his sons may have it now. If you check out the website I've listed it will tell you as much as anybody knows about him and Mascot. In the article it lists one of his sons as Thomas Grady James---that's my grandfather--his name was actually Grady Thomas James---but I think most of the rest is pretty accurate. As I understand it the company remained in business until the 1940's when it finally went belly up under the new owners.
  3. imacman

    imacman Guest

    This needs to be posted in the Hearth Room, if it's a wood stove.

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