MS 290 'nuf saw for few cords/year of 20" locust/oak ?

SmokeyCity Posted By SmokeyCity, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:49 PM

  1. SmokeyCity

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    Where can I find spec sheet on the 034, 034 Super, 036/Pro. Can't find them on the STIHL site.

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    Right you are..... but a 372 top end.

    Maybe we could start a little business.....powerhead shipped to the pnw is only about $30 :) Huskys sell for cheap around here, everyone is a well.... a stihlhead hahahaha ;lol
  4. StihlHead


    Well, there may well be a business opportunity between there and here. I bought a 372xpw new becasue the used ones here were all pertty well beaten up and they were all over $500 as I recall. So was a 371 I looked at as well. Early model 372 has the same top end as the 371 as I recall. My 372xpw had the larger engine, non-smogged. I got it on a good deal, but later sold it with my 395 to a pair of loggers in WA state. They also bought a modified Stihl 310 and 361 from me as well. I got good prices, but they were all in clean condition. They were amazed how clean they were, but all I did was wipe them down with terps to get the sap off of them.

    The S-440 was the fallers choice here for many years. When Stihl stopped selling the 440s some years ago, many PNW fallers opted for the S-460, but a lot flipped to the H-372. The 440 is back again and have been selling well, but they are going to be discontinued along with the 460 pretty soon. Most fallers here do not like the 441 (Some do, but most do not). The 461 is getting good reviews, but it is the same weight and power as the 460. The H-372 has definately broken into the fallers market here, and they fetch a high price.
  5. StihlHead


    There is a S-034 super here on CL for $275. Seems like a beater though. S-036/360s here go for more than 361s, for like $450-500. 034 super is an early model 036, but has a smaller muffler and slightly different cases/top end.

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