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MS261 technology

Post in 'The Gear' started by ampamp, May 23, 2013.

  1. StihlHead

    StihlHead Guest

    Sorry, that won't happen. 661 is already being tested in Europe and it is basically a larger version of the 441. It will be M-tronic, spring loaded, SS muffler, etc., but no FI. Some debate if it has quad ports, like the 461 (and ye olde 361). Here is a photo of the 661 from a friend in Germany, who says it has been seen at trade shows there and will be available there in October:

    ms - 661.jpg

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  2. The future is here. These pics just strike me as wrong.

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  3. MasterMech

    MasterMech Guest

    Friend of mine just bought a '76 Suzuki GT750, 750cc 2 stroke triple ::-), oil injected.
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  4. StihlHead

    StihlHead Guest

    Oooooh, a smokey water cooled 3 cylinder. I had a riding buddy with one of those. I bought one of the first year replacements for that bike, a new '77 Suzuki GS750. I put a Vetter Windjammer on it and I rode hard and fast off all over the western US. A 4 banger 4 stroke. No need to add oil to the gas. :cool:
  5. StihlHead

    StihlHead Guest

    What's that line in Spaceballs? When Rick Moranis as Darth Helmet says: "F**k! Even in the future nothing works!"
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  6. Todd 2

    Todd 2 Feeling the Heat

    Sep 17, 2012
    NE Ohio
    I really like my new 261, power to weight with the 18" bar is more than I hoped for, easy to service, the air filter and compartment seem to never get dirty (keep it touched up sharp all the time and it makes no dust) I left the house to go purchase a new 550 (I am a Husky fan) and came home with the 261 and I have NO regrets, the saw even has an awesome sound to it at an idle, seems to get a little stronger once you get into your 2nd to 3rd cord of wood.
    She rips right through all hard woods really well for a 50cc class saw, right up to 18" My favorite thing is the weight to power though, I can run it for 4-6 hrs in a day and still feel like running it again the next day. Glad now that I spent the extra on a pro series saw. :)

  7. TreePointer

    TreePointer Minister of Fire

    Sep 22, 2010
    Western PA
    Bingo! As I get older, I like my pro 50cc saw more and more.

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