My New Timberline Sharpener Is Here!

Ralphie Boy Posted By Ralphie Boy, Nov 12, 2012 at 5:28 PM

  1. Ralphie Boy

    Ralphie Boy
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    Feb 12, 2012
    Rabbit Hash, Kentucky
    Well it’s here, my new Timberland chainsaw sharpener that is. This thing is incredibly well made. Even the carrying case is better made than most sharpening tools.
    The instructions are easy to read and understand and combine that with Timberline’s website video and “Tips & Tricks” section make the sharpener very easy to use. I was sharpening in a matter of 10 minutes and a 20 inch chain took me about 8 minutes to sharpen.

    I re-sharpened a chain for my 455 that had been sharpened by the dealer on a grinder. The Timberline made a much sharper chain with a smoother, almost polished, cut on each tooth.

    So far I’ve only had the chance to cut silver maple with it so it may not be a fair test. But I have to say, it did a fantastic job on that maple. The chips were giant sized, almost like cooked egg noodles. Cuts were effortless and straight as an arrow. I went through 4 tanks of gas and chain oil without so much as a touch-up on the chain and the chips stayed almost the same size.
    I’ve not tried it on my 441 yet, dang post office lost my cutter for the Stihl.

    The down side is it is pricey and you still have to carry a flat file and guide to take care of the rakers, but I carry them anyway.
    Not sorry I spent the money; I just couldn’t do a good job with a file and $7.00 a pop for the shop to do it plus the time and gas to get there and back makes it worth it for me.

    I’ve got some hackberry and ash to cut in a few days so I’ll let you know how it works on them. If someone would be kind enough to give a big white oak to test I’ll be happy to write a follow-up report….==c

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  2. smokinj

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    Aug 11, 2008
    Anderson, Indiana
    If your getting flakes on any kinda of wood your doing fine. Rakers should never need to be done in the field. (I like to do all sharpening at the shop) Doesnt always happen but you will be faster in the field for sure.
  3. MasterMech


    I was running in some 28" Red Oak today and while the saw was cutting well, you could tell that was some tough wood. Put 3 tanks through the 034 just bucking up the main trunk (I had already cut the top off earlier.) Didn't need/want to stop and sharpen the whole time. Managed to miss all the metal in that trunk too. :eek:

    Glad to see yet another positive review for the Timberline!
  4. JoeyD

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    Jun 15, 2008
    South Jersey
    I got mine last week and have been meaning to post my opinion. I really like it. I sharpened a chain that I had lightly filed a couple of times and was amazed at how good a job this thing does because my saw was cutting fine with the hand filing. I took my time with the Timberline because I was just trying to get a feel for how the thing works so I went really light on the cut and made three complete passes on the chain. Well on the last pass when I was pulling the chain one of the teeth cut my finger it was so sharp. I'm not sure when I will actually get to use this chain because my last scrounge gave me all the wood I will need until the 2015-16 burning season but it looks and feels scary sharp.

    I do have a chain that got totally abused on my last scrounge that I will attempt to to sharpen. The tree I was cutting had some nails in it and the home owner offered to buy me a new chain if I bucked up the big oak I was working on removing from his yard. So I put the original safety chain that came with my 362 and went to work. I hit two nails and had to use the file twice but got it bucked up. I plan to post the before and after pictures as soon as I get around to sharpening it.
  5. Dakotas Dad

    Dakotas Dad
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Central Kentucky
    Ordered mine Monday.. in the mail today. 2 days. Can't complain about that!

    Took about 10 minutes to get it set up on the big saw, that's from packaged, to ready. Took about 2 minutes when I changed saws...

    Actual sharpening took about 5 minutes for each chain, (I did 4 loops total, 2 24's, 2 20's) I won't get to run them until tommorow, but they do seem very sharp. These chains were in pretty bad shape, getting a bunch of logging off cuts that have been drug through the woods.. lots of crap in the bark..
  6. Como

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    Jan 28, 2008
    My Brother asked what I wanted for Christmas...

    Now he knows.
  7. Ralphie Boy

    Ralphie Boy
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    Feb 12, 2012
    Rabbit Hash, Kentucky
    Well, I got a chance to cut some hackberry and red oak after using the new sharpener. Prior to this I had only cut a bunch of soft (silver) maple. The maple I cut with the 441 and when it was split and stacked there was between 1.75 and 2 cord. I never resharpened through the whole cutting process.

    Both saws, 455 Rancher and Stihl 441, went through the harder wood like it was the soft maple. With the newly sharpened chain, the 455 acted like it had been ported!

    I was never great with a file so this will be my primary sharpener from now on.:)

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