Narrowed it down (2 saws)

WOODBUTCHER Posted By WOODBUTCHER, Mar 6, 2008 at 2:27 PM

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    Mar 1, 2006
    Pomfret, CT
    I know this is like apples to oranges.......
    Both with 18" bars

    Dolmar 5100s - 50cc/3.9hp/11lbs $379.00
    Stihl MS310 - 59cc/4HP/13lbs $419.00

    I'm partial to a lighter saw and the cheaper price, is there a big gain in the MS310 besides it weight?
    theres tons of arguments out there (displacement vs horsepower) Last weekend I went to a local Dolmar dealer and handled the 5100 and it's a nice light saw. My brother in law a.k.a "Flashman" is buying the MS 441 so we will have a bigger saw in the mix.The last 3 grapple loads averged trunks between 12"-16" diameter and my old craftsman just struggles with that size.

    Any thoughts ?

  2. zzr7ky

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    Jun 12, 2006
    They are both up to it. I went with the Dolmar and am very pleased. I also use a Stihl 038 and preffer the Dolmar 5100.

    Price so close I'd ignore this factor.

    Good luck!
    Mike P
  3. JustWood

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Arrow Bridge,NY
    I wouldn't let weight or price be a factor either it's a long term investment go with what works best for you.
  4. Highbeam

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    Dec 28, 2006
    Cascade Foothills, WA
    Isn't there more to the picture? Is the 5100 a "pro" saw vs. the 310 being a mid range? Does either have a plastic case? Do both have the adjustable oilers? I have heard that the Dolmar's anti vibration setup is very good. How are the local dealers? We have a dozen stihl dealers very close but only one Dolmar place.

    Do both saws balance well with the 18" bar? Both are supposed to be able to run a 20" bar which is my target size. I am glad you asked this question.
  5. Jags

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    I agree with Highbeam that the 310 is considered a midrange saw (although the top of the scale). In the Stihl brand, there are some real advantages in stepping up to the pro series. This doesn't make it good or bad, just pointing it out.
  6. TMonter

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    I think you'll be happier with the Dolmar for the weight alone.

    2 pounds may not seem like much but after 2-3 hours sawing it's very noticeable. I saw with a ~13.5 pound 372XPW and a Husky 346XP and towards the end of the daw I favor the 346 for its light weight.
  7. kevin j

    kevin j
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    Jan 21, 2008
    minnesota us

    I'd vote for the 5100, or the 026/260. Even a pound seems like a lot when swinging and accelrating/decelrating the weight for limbing. My 280 is 3/4 pound heavier than my 026 and to me it is immmediatley noticeable within a coupe cuts. But I am old and out of shape too.... So the 026 is the workhorse for me. 280 a bit more power for bucking, which is enough for me with <20 inch wood usually, I am just a homeowner

    Especiallyif you have a bigger 441 avaiable, you would be bsically having two saws of same size and weight. I think better having a light one and a heavier one and use the one most suited to the task at hand.

  8. johnsopi

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    Nov 1, 2006
    MD near DE&PA;
    My 1st saw was the ms310 w/20" bar it is good. I then got the bug to get another, the 5100s 18" bar. So now I have both. The 5100s is much nicer. I don't use the ms310 any more. I might sell it or put a 16" bar on it.
  9. Gooserider

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    Nov 20, 2006
    Northeastern MA (near Lowell)
    I just purchased a Dolmar 7900, and am highly impressed with it. I've heard the 5100 is just as good in its size range and haven't seen any negatives on it over on Arboristsite. It is a serious pro-grade saw, and should handle 12-16" logs with no trouble at all. I purchased the bigger saw because I wanted something that could handle any log that got dumped in my driveway, but I had given the 5100 some definite consideration - if / when my Pull-on craps out, I may well replace it with a 5100, or possibly a 3410. Definitely I will be staying with pro-grade saws, as the quality difference is incredible and well worth it.

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