new chimney and gaskets odd smell?

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    Jan 11, 2008
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    long island n.y.
    hi all,finally up and runniing..or maybe not.1988 v.c. resolute acclaim.had to replace combustion package with that tore half the stove had to regasket quite abit.when i have a good coal bed .close damper and notice a wierd odor kinda plastic like.inspected stove with light before firing looked good.then noticed the back right corner a tiny bit of steam or smoke needed a bright light to see it. could this be residual burn off from gaskets? and i also retapped a bolt that held the upper fire back, used a bit of kroil (wd-40} in that area.second time i tried refiring it seems a little better but still smell when i close the damper.thanks safe than sorry

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