New England Pellets

Ejectr Posted By Ejectr, Mar 26, 2013 at 4:44 PM

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    Can never please them all.

    There are several dams the Eel Weir Canal which is a portion of Cumberland and Oxford Canal that was financed via the formation of Canal National Bank one of predecessor banks to what is now known as Key Bank of Maine NA is one of the outflows it is on the left and on the right is the Presumpscot River and down river not all that far is Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
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    When it's not working right it's called the Damn Dam!
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    Boy....can I ever tell the difference between a good pellet and a not so good one in my PF100 furnace. Burning Okanagan's or MWP softies, when the furnace goes into maintenance mode when there is no call for heat from the thermostat, the minimal pellet feed gave out enough heat to still kick on the distribution blower. These New England's don't put out enough heat in maintenance burn to do that, so the house temp drops off faster without the interim blower coming on to disipate the heat the maintenance burn has built up on the fan controller. Makes for sitting in a cooler house between call for heat cycles.

    I'll never buy these again.
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