New Granite Kitchen Countertop: Drop-in or Undermount Sink?

velvetfoot Posted By velvetfoot, Dec 11, 2007 at 2:52 PM

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  1. jgoodnow

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    Dec 15, 2007
    Suburban Boston
    My wife and I are debating an undermount vs. drop-in sink as well. We want to have a double-bowl sink but she doesn't like the lack of a granite strip between the two bowls. Most granite countertop fabricators will not put a strip there because it is too narrow and susceptible to breaking. (By "strip" I don't mean a separate piece of granite, I mean two individually cut holes for the two sink bowls.)

    One possible solution is to buy two single-bowl sinks and mount them as close together as possible while allowing for a granite strip and the proper clearances underneath for the mounting clips. I believe the granite strip would be anywhere from 2" to 4" in that case.

    Does anyone have either a double-bowl sink with a granite strip between the bowls or two side-by-side single bowl sinks with a granite strip between them? If so, could you post a picture and say how you like the setup?
  2. Gooserider

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    Nov 20, 2006
    Northeastern MA (near Lowell)
    I will say I like the looks of the undermount, and the notion of having a straight sweep into the sink. Don't see us doing a major kitchen makeover anytime soon though, as what we have works reasonably well, and we have other things to do with the money... However if I was fantasizing, I'd want something with a seamless backsplash section, and a slight seamless lip (perhaps 1/4" max) on the front edge... I find that a lot of my cooking and brewing stuff tends to be splashy, and I like the idea of building something that has inherent directing of errant fluids back into the sink, stop rolling glassware, etc.

    While I like the idea of a double (or more?) bowl sink, I probably would NOT want one that had a strip between the bowls, as I think it is useful if the division is slightly lower than the edge of the sink, as this gives run-overs a place to go safely...

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