Oiling Stove at the End of the Season?

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    I've got a new (to me) 20 year-old Jotul 3TD at my summer home in Canada. I used the stove during September and October and will use it again next May. The owner's manual suggested that I remove the burn plates and lightly oil the plates as well as the inside of the cast iron stove at the end of the season. Do those of you who have Jotul stoves do so? What kind of oil do you use? When I left our summer home in early November I didn't want to take apart the stove pipe in order to remove the burn plates. However, I did clean out the stove pretty well and sprayed some "Rust-Out" in the inside of the stove. Is this alright to do? This product is a penetrating oil a little thicker than WD-40. I don't know how much of the oil residue will be left come May but I'll probably just use a lot of newspaper for my first fire next year.

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