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Old (but not "Olde") style storm door?

Post in 'DIY and General non-hearth advice' started by pybyr, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. pybyr

    pybyr Minister of Fire

    Jun 3, 2008
    Adamant, VT 05640
    For background, my house is an approximately 1840 VT 'vernacular' Greek Revival 1.75 story house- very elegant proportions, mostly very simple trim.

    Last spring I had a dumpster on site for something else and looked at the decrepit-beyond-redemption storm door on the house's "formal front door" (rarely used) and decided to heave it before it disintegrated completely into a pile of glass shards and dry rot, which it was bound to do very soon.

    Time and projects doing what they do so well... it's now December and I should get a storm door...

    Budget is a concern. Something that doesn't look like a bad afterthought/ clash with the house is a concern. Energy/ comfort is a concern. Minimal future maintenance is preferred but can take back seat to the prior factors.

    Appreciate suggestions on makes/ models/ places to buy


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