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Older Fisher Stove clearance question

Post in 'Fisher Stove Information, Parts, History and More' started by TIM111, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. TIM111

    TIM111 New Member

    Jan 16, 2013
    Coaly do you know the clearance measurements for a grandpa bear stove (1977-1980 not positive what year)?

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  2. coaly

    coaly Fisher Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    NE PA
    Assuming you're in the US ; 36 inches to combustable. (48" Canada) This is from NFPA 211 Standard which most codes adopt. There is a section in the standard for clearance reduction that specifies the contruction and air space behind and below a radiation shield that reduces the clearance by 66%. (36" Canada) Pipe clearance can then become a factor, being 18" for single wall, 6 inch for double wall in the US. (Canada refer to CSA B365)

    The diagram in the link below is floor protection, not wall clearance.

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