Ordered a Pacific Energy T5- Tips? Tricks? Cooking know how

Jayl65 Posted By Jayl65, Nov 10, 2012 at 6:12 PM

  1. Jayl65


    Nov 9, 2012
    So after much research I broke down and ordered the Alderlae T5 in black enamel. I was torn over it and the Progress Hybrid but decided that the PE was enough stove for me. I choose it because my home is 1550 sq ft and I wanted to be able to heat the entire house if needed as well a cook on it. I felt I saved a considerable amount of money although I really love the look and sound of the PE.

    I live in Santa Fe, NM and will most likely be burning piñon purchased from a local seller. Luckily we have many reputable wood dealers in the area and I feel like I can get good seasoned wood. Not exactly sure how well piñon burns compared to hardwoods, but everyone in the area says its very comparable.

    The stove will be a corner install and I liked the low clearances of the T5. I still have to tear out the contractor grade kiva gas fireplace and build the hearth before I can install the T5.

    Im just looking for others who own this stove who can give me any advice about using it. Im new to wood burning and look forward to getting started.
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    Welcome. Best to work on that hearth and getting the stove installed. Then folks can answer specific questions you have about stove operation. Do a search here. There are several T-5 and T-6 happy camper stove owners on the site.
  3. raybonz

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    Congrats Jay the T-5 is a good stove and welcome to the forum! Very easy to operate the T-5 as one lever does it all. Once you get it installed be sure to post some pics.
    To start the stove place lever all the way to the left. Place 2 splits N-S then 2-3 splits E-W. Place 1/6 of of a Super Cedar or other firestarter in between 1st N-S splits light it then close and latch the door. When fire is well established start moving lever towards the right around 25% adjustment at a time.

  4. Jayl65


    Nov 9, 2012
    Thanks for the warm welcome. Plan on starting the hearth after Thanksgiving. Im away on business for a few more weeks so all I can do is dream and plan. I currently have a kiva style corner gas fireplace with an elevated hearth. I want to completely tear it out for the T5 install. Right now my plan is to have a flagstone/sandstone elevated floor with a thin stone veneer wall behind the stove. I also will install some sort of shelfs on the wall behind the stove. Trying to make it look great since it is the focal point of my main living space. Just spoke to a local blacksmith about making my hearth tools. He is just as reasonable as commercially made ones and I get hand made forged steel. It's so exciting. Also talked to him about making the shelfs for the wall.

    As for the T5. I am very interested to know if anyone actually cooks on them. Im not looking to use it exclusively for cooking but as a child I do remember many one pot meals that were cooked on the wood stove. Do I need trivets or anything to control the heat? Whats available?
  5. madison

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    I cook a little bit in and on top of our t6.

    On top is mainly used for keeping stuff warm - on top of the trivits, all big holiday meals get parked on the stove to keep warm. Otherwise on top I will sometimes do some sauce pan stuff, melt butter, warm water etc - but have minimized this due to the occasional "oops" which ends up causing rust spots and stains - and major odor issues. Not sure if the newer enameled stoves have the plate top coated, that most likely would help protect the steel and cast iron from rust and stains.

    Inside the stove, done a few pizza's - not easy and better left for the oven. Bake potatoes are exclusively done in the wood stove now. And minor other stuff.

    In general, the stove is used for rewarming and keeping warm, not so much for actual cooking.
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