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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Tree service was working a few houses down a little while ago, and I saw them tossing some log sections into their truck so naturally I moseyed on down. The tree was a new one to me - a Paulownia, AKA empress tree, AKA princess tree. They also referred to it as "coffee log", although I don't see that one on google. It's a flowering tree from china that apparently has some commercial value. The head guy kept on telling me that I didn't want the wood, that it wouldn't burn. I told him I'd never run across wood that wouldn't burn, but he insisted he was doing me a favor by not unloading his truck. I snagged a few logs to try out next year, anyway. According to google it does have a high combustion temperature, so in a fire pit it might smolder but I suspect in a hot insulated firebox it will burn just fine. It's going to be pretty light - huge growth rings. Smells like black locust when split, sort of fruiity. Anyone else burn any of it?

    Guy said he'd come back next time he was in the area with what he considered decent wood and dump it off for me, although I'm not going to hold my breath.

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    I hear it is real fast growing, like Mimosa. It has huge leaves but Mimosa has fronds of tiny leaves more like Locust. It's considered quite valuable as a lumber, but it has a market only in Asia, however. The Japanese make musical instruments and various other stuff from it. They had a Paulownia blight over there, and have to import the wood. I have no idea how it rates as firewood, but I'm sure it will burn. I hear Mimosa seasons fast, like some Pines. I think your Paulownia is like that. Split it and try it mid to late winter?
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