Pellet Boiler or Mini Split?

velvetfoot Posted By velvetfoot, Jun 27, 2013 at 4:04 PM

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  1. velvetfoot

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    Dec 5, 2005
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    (Mods: I had no idea where to put this, but thought this forum might get more traffic; move at will.)

    I looked at the DOE's heat calc spreadsheet and it looks running a heat pump could be comparable to a pellet boiler.
    ( ). I understand the new heat pumps like the Mitsuibishi Hyper Heat can heat when the temps go down pretty far.

    I have a colonial type of house and live near Albany, NY. We have an oil boiler hot water with baseboards with upstairs and downstairs zones. I have trouble keeping the upstairs warm during the winter. Also there is nothing automatic about feeding the wood insert and I'm not getting any younger. It might be nice to heat the basement too, every once in a while.

    I can see advantages to both. Pellet boiler, would still need feeding, though not as often. Relatviely tie into the existing pipes.
    The mini split would be automatic, but if I had one upstairs, say in the hall, I'm not sure if the heat would flow into the bedrooms; I think it might because the heat from the insert makes it there. I don't know how putting individual evaporator heads would work upstairs-running the line sets through the unheated attic, or snaking around on the outside of the house? Wouldn't heat the basement without another set; two sets (one for downstairs and one for upstairs, plus maybe multiple heads probably would start getting expensive.)

  2. moey

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    mini-splits do A/C as well something to consider may be enough BTUs to do your whole upstairs for heating and cooling. When you start to look at the multiple heads efficiencies go down you need all you can get in a cold climate. Have you considered a geothermal system? If your seriously considering putting mini splits all over your house it may be something to consider. We just had a geo system put in for about 20k ( new duct work as well ) ( after 30% tax credit ) for 2800sq ft house.
  3. peakbagger

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    I am looking at a mini split for my office. I have currently have extra solar and plan to install more (thanks to Tom in Maine) and plan to install a mini split for heating and cooling about half my main floor. I will still run the wood boiler but this should help the shoulder seasons plus give me AC in the summer. I have a mini split in my office but it doesnt have the heat pump, if I could justify it I would swap that out.
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