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kevin j Posted By kevin j, Mar 5, 2008 at 6:32 PM

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  1. kevin j

    kevin j
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    Jan 21, 2008
    minnesota us
    goose, what do you ride?
    Loved the MG in the 70's I think were V7 or V750 Ambassodor? Alwasy looked so massive and heavy but a sound unique to themselves that I liked. Ended up on a BMW R75 instead, no MG dealers around.

    Saw the new onesat mc show, way high tech now. Do they soudn the same?

  2. Gooserider

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    Nov 20, 2006
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    Pretty much, the engines haven't changed all that much... The newest ones are fuel injected, electronic ignition, etc. but the basic engine is the same 90* transverse twin, and makes about the same sort of sound, which can be made even more "traditional" by changing the exhaust system... MG dealers are still few and far between, but if you can do your own wrenching, that isn't a big deal as there are several really excellent dealers that can do parts ordering on-line or over the phone... In some ways it's better when you can get a part delivered to your door in 48 hours or less instead of having to travel to the dealer one town over...

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