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  1. robert65

    robert65 Member

    Dec 27, 2011
    Central CT
    photo.JPG As you can see I have a pellet insert (PI40) I do not have an OAK and no plans this year but I did notice inside the Fireplace is an outside air vent that looks like a dryer vent. Should I leave this open or closed to allow the stove to draw air in from that? Or does it not matter at all.Thoughts please?

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  2. mralias

    mralias Minister of Fire

    Apr 29, 2008
    Outside Air Installations
    Connecting the Winslow PI40 insert to outside combustion air is required
    in manufactured home installations and when required by local building
    codes. The fireplace insert’s air intake will accept 2” ID pipe to accommodate
    outside air installations. The air intake on the exterior of the home
    should always be located a minimum of 18” below the flue termination
    and must remain free of obstruction. The inlet must also have a screen
    with openings not larger than 1/4” to prevent rodents from entering. The
    outside air pipe may run up the chimney, horizontally, or down provided
    the structural integrity of the fireplace and chimney system are maintained.

    Not required if not in a manufactured home or required by local code. If left open it will pull some air from that vent. I would use the vent for my OAK as long as it conforms to the specs outlined above. IMO
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  3. Delta-T

    Delta-T Minister of Fire

    Feb 27, 2008
    if you do not have some type of conduit running from the stove to the opening then block up the intake of your fireplace to prevent drafts and whatnot fromt he outside coming into the home.
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