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  1. nrmahoney@cox.net

    nrmahoney@cox.net Member

    Nov 23, 2005
    I have a Coalbrookdale Much Wenlock coal stove. it is set up for rear venting. I would like to switch it to top venting and it has that provision. However, it seems that whoever set it up for rear venting sealed the seams on the bayonet type locking mechanism with cement. I can't budge it. Is it a lost cause, or is there some trick to freeing it up ?


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  2. joshuaviktor

    joshuaviktor New Member

    Dec 19, 2005
    Northwest New Jersey
    If you can't gt at it from inside, outside, with screwdrivers, with pb blast, thent here is only one answer. Heat it up, or hit with a sledge(gently). Onthe other hand, I'd wait for someone who has seen one of these before, as there may be a trick to it.
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