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    I have a brick fireplace that is painted at the present time. I'm thinking of possibly remodeling my house. I want to make the house have a Tudor cottage feel. I have seen a photo of a limestone fireplace that I like. Is there a way to resurface over the brick to make it look as if it were old limestone? Could it be done with concrete? Would you mix limestone dust into the last coat? I don't have the money to remove the fireplace and have areal limestone one put in. I would be happy with just having it look and feel like limestone.


    You could definitely stucco over the brick, but trying to make it look exactly like a certain type of stone is probably best left to the pros. Another method would be to use a thin facing stone (cultured stone) which is cemented on top of the brick. Try http://www.culturedstone.com for ideas.

    Link: Cultured Stone Site

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