Running Pellet Vent Through Cinder Block Wall?

richg Posted By richg, Feb 5, 2006 at 10:48 AM

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  1. richg

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    Nov 20, 2005

    I'm remodeling the rec room in the spring, and want to move my p61a to a different location in the room. House is built on grade, and there are two places I'd like to put it, both of which require going through a cinder block wall. After drilling the required size hole with a rotary hammer, what kind of pipe? Can I get away with standard pellet pipe, should flexible stainless be used, ??????? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. MountainStoveGuy

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    Jan 23, 2006
    Boulder County
    just use standard pellet pipe, and make the hole big enough for the thimble, OR use a storm collar for a trim collar (painted of course). You woulnd want to use flex pipe, that wouldnt look to good. Dont forget if your going vertical then horizontal the stove will breath easier on 4 inch pipe.
  3. Homefire

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    Jan 16, 2006
    Careful with the insulation in the blocks, perlite or vermiculite is use and could pose some danger to your lungs.
    I bought a 5" hole saw that has a tungsten/carbide cutting edge. Make for a really nice hole in blocks.
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