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    A bagpiper was asked by his parish priest to play at the funeral of a homeless man who had died with no friends, no family, etc...he was being buried in a potter's field a few towns over in a rural area. The piper wasn't familiar with the area, but he decided to do it anyway. He got turned around at one point and was running later and later so he didn't stop for directions. He kept driving and driving until finally he came upon the gravesite. He was dismayed to see that there was no one there-the hole was dug and the concrete vault had already been lowered in and covered. The priest and funeral director were long gone. As he got out of his car he saw that the workmen were eating lunch before filling in the grave. He walked over to them, apologized profusely for being so late, and readied his pipes.

    He felt terrible for being so late and not being there for the service, so he poured his heart and soul into the performance. He played the best version of "Amazing Grace" of his life. When he was finished he wept, the workmen wept, and he said a prayer for the homeless man. As he was packing up his pipes and getting ready to leave, feeling that he'd properly honored the man's memory, he heard one of the workmen say to the other, "20 years of installing septic tanks and I've never seen anything like that..."
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    Good one !!
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    Holy crap!
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    Is it just me or does anyone else think bagpipes sound like someone killing a goose.
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    If you've got just an inkling of Irish or Scottish blood in your veins you would strongly disagree . . . to me the sound of bagpipes playing a sad, mournful melody is one of the most beautiful and sad things to hear . . . and conversely a rousing song can bring you to your feet, stomping and ready to fight. Love Celtic music of all sorts . . . and love the pipes.
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    I see that Jack is from NY, but upstate, maybe he's just never heard them played well? "Amazing Grace" on the pipes will bring you to tears and send chills up your spine:

    Ever since I heard it played by a NJ State Police piper at my uncle's funeral I can't listen to it without welling up.

    "Scotland the Brave" will get you ready to fight ;)

    There are also the Uilleann pipes (the kind you see in parades are Great Highland Pipes) which are much softer:

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