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    Do you know of any manufacturer that makes a 24" wood burning fireplace. We would like to put one in the bathroom of our vacation home but cannot find one that size. Thanks.


    I checked several manufacturers, such as Majestic, Heatilator, Heat N Glo, and Temco, but could not find a 24" wide fireplace. You may find this in gas, perhaps, but my search did not include that option.

    I'm sure the reason for not having such a small opening is
    #1, sales--------everyone wants a bigger fireplace view. And
    #2, performance------small fireplace fireboxes could lead to smoke entering the room in fluctuating draft conditions if not designed properly. My assumption is that combining #1 & #2 would lead fireplace manufacturers away from smaller wood fireplaces.

    Having worked for one previously, I know that the trend is toward larger fireplaces both wood & gas.

    You may, however, have luck with smaller electric and/or gas fireplaces. They have a decent aesthetic treatment, and can also provide spot heat if needed.

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