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SMELLY Stove At 25 Hrs Burn Time!!!!

Post in 'The Pellet Mill - Pellet and Multifuel Stoves' started by Drew1024, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Drew1024

    Drew1024 New Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Central NJ
    My mt vernon ae still reaks! It is a chemically, paint type smell coming from the back top vent adapter area. Giving me a runny nose and headache. No wood smell per say just chemical smell. Could the smell be a symptom of another problem or give it more time? FYI, I've been running it for 8 hrs straight today.

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  2. smoke show

    smoke show Guest

    Could it be the sealer they used?
  3. cncpro

    cncpro New Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    NE Connecticut, USA
    My CB1200 is finally fixed after several hours of running it with:

    1. the auger door adjusted to maximum
    2. the "heat output" setting on high
    3. the "fan speed" on low (to let more heat stay in the stove)

    I ran it like this for about 3 hours recently (after previously running for around 10 hours total) with a fan in the window and my living room got up to about 110° Fahrenheit.

    No more stinkies...

    Put it this way...

    If you're not setting off smoke alarms in the house and answering your door to find your neighbor who wants to know if everything is OK it's not hot enough yet...
  4. DiggerJim

    DiggerJim Feeling the Heat

    Jul 29, 2008
    Northcentral Connecticut
    LOL! My wife is worried the neighbors will call the fire department. She woke up this morning with the stove running (it's set to kick on and warm things up to 70 at 5am before turning back off at 8am). The stove is in the fireplace in the living room opposite a wall of windows. She said in the dark all she saw was the reflection of the flames bouncing off the walls in the room and reflected in the windows. She figured the neighbors might see it, notice the house was dark and think it was a fire while we were sleeping and call the fire department. Never thought about that myself, but I've never run it when there weren't lights on in the room.
  5. Panhandler

    Panhandler Minister of Fire

    Aug 24, 2008
    WV Northern Panhandle
    When its about 20 degrees out and the wife is coming home in the snow, she'll be real happy to see those flames bouncing off the walls. :) And the neighbors will be jealous.
  6. cogger

    cogger Member

    Oct 10, 2006
    Did you "cure" your new stove before basic operation?
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