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    The smoke from my chimney is drifting down from the roof constantly. It doesn't seem to matter much which way the wind is blowing, only on very calm days does it go right. My chimney extents past my roof at least 3 feet. However the buildings on either side of me go up at least another 15'-20'. Any suggestions ? I saw in one of your Q&A letters a mention of a vacu-stac. DO you think this would help ? If so where might I get this beast ? I looked on your site and so no mention was made of it. This is my 2'nd year with my Vermont and I think its great. thanks for your site and your time


    It's definitely a problem with the buildings..You are sitting in a wind hole. As far as the chimney working correctly, a special or electric draft induced may do the job. However, as far as where the smoke goes once it comes out the chimney, there may not be a solution to that.

    NEW (2005) - there is a new product called Extendaflue which allows you to extend masonry flues without masonry. This may bring your flue high enough to avoid the troublesome air currents. See the link below.

    Link: Extendaflue Chimney Extensions and Chimney Pots

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