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    We have scrubbed the logs clean and started using the stove again. It was purchased from Sears and was made by a manufacturer (something & something)in Pleasanton- CA. The house was remodeled in '92 so it could be '92 or older. We have a set-up manual- but it doesn't say too much about venting-just that it needs 5 1/2 square inches of flue space. If the logs get sooty again- can we assume the problem is with the flame or the gas-air mixture? Also- the previous owners didn't have the sand and embers in the pan - we've added them and it seems to burn with a bluer flame and it looks tons better. It also keeps the carpet underneath the stove from getting so hot.


    It could be the gas/air mixture- but in most cases soot will STILL go up the chimney. If it is an OPEN stove- then the mixture might more likely be part of the problem. My guess-however- is that the venting is part of the problem. 5 1/2 square inches- or 5 1/2 inches square. If the later- you might want to line the chimney with a 6" aluminum or stainless steel liner. This will provide a tight venting system.

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