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    I have a 7x11" rectangular flue which I believe is 6"x10" I.D. I also have a 6" round thimble all of which service my 6" double wall stove pipe for my woodstove. I ran this for a couple months last year with decent performance but I would like to add a stainless liner for better performance and peace of mind. Can I squeeze a 6" round liner into my flue and thimble? Also, is it adventageous to insulate the liner? I have a 25'-28' tall chimney with terra-cotta flue which is insulated with rockwool between the flue and brick.
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    Sounds like you'll have to get an oval liner. And you should be able to insulate it.
    There are adapters to make the connection to your existing double wall - provided you have access to the interior.
    A pic of the hearth would be helpful
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    With a chimney that tall, run a 5.5 diameter SS liner down with a 6" snout to make your connection thru the thimble. Run it like that for a half a season & when you clean it for the first time, you'll know if there is considerable cooling in the liner by the amount of build-up in it. Insulation can't hurt, but something like Thermix for insulating is a PITA & you'll never get that liner back out. You should have a top plate supplied with your liner & you can always use unfaced fiberglass or rockwool under that to keep the top of your liner from cooling too fast.

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