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  1. mtn man

    mtn man Member

    Jan 14, 2012
    Western North Carolina
    Does anybody have any suggests on where to get cheap double wall telescopic pipe for inside and double wall stainless for through the roof for exterior? Thanks ahead for any info.

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  2. blades

    blades Minister of Fire

    Nov 23, 2008
    WI, Milw
    It is triple wall for the exterior from the ceiling transition on up. Big box stores or on line, none of it cheap. Use all the same maker pipe- stove top all the way up. No sense trying to cheap out, just cost more down the road when you have to replace it. Proper chimney goes a long way in getting the most from your stove investment as well as dry wood.
  3. Dakotas Dad

    Dakotas Dad Minister of Fire

    Mar 19, 2009
    Central Kentucky
    Probably the least expensive is at lowes. But these chimneys are "systems" and you can't mix and match, make sure you get all you need from the same company. We ordered Dura Vent on line from Northern Tool, was a little less that my local shop, but more importantly, they had it in stock, my dealer didn't. (Jan/Feb instals can be that way...)
  4. MaintenanceMan

    MaintenanceMan Burning Hunk

    Feb 25, 2010
    Southern IN
    Lowes or Menards for Silkirk.

    Tractor supply carries M&G (Simpson), but I found http://www.dynamitebuys.com/ to be cheaper.

    Each of these I found to be cheaper than all of my local HVAC and stove shop suppliers.
  5. oldspark

    oldspark Guest

  6. northernontario

    northernontario Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    You can also find it used sometimes. I bought mine used... took it off the lady's house. I see ads for it all the time if you're looking in a large enough area. Big trick is learning what the different brands look like, so you can know what it's worth, and how easy it will be to get additional parts. You might find all the pipe, but no thimbles or elbows.

    Most brands are double-walled insulated pipe. Stainless inside/outside, packed with insulation. Flue temps of well over 1000F and the outside surface is warm to the touch.

    Double-wall for inside the house is less common to find used... but I've seen a bit of it lately (as it becomes more common... and people will always be uninstalling wood stoves when they choose not to burn). Single wall can work fine if you've got the clearances (or can reduce clearances with heat shields)

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