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talk me out of buying the ef2800i

Post in 'The Gear' started by briansol, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. KB007

    KB007 Minister of Fire

    Oct 21, 2009
    Ottawa, Canada
    If you need to run anything 220 V, you will need a generator with a minimum L14-20 outlet. this is a 120/240V outlet at 20A, so doing the basic math - 240V X 20 A = 4800 watts. So your generator needs to be able to provide 4800 watts in theory. Most 5000 watt units have an L14-20 and that can be used with a transfer switch when wired correctly. Larger units will have an L14-30 that can deliver 30 A and are typically rated as 7500 watts or more.

    There are propane units that will deliver 20A or 30A, they just cost more (maybe not that much more). It all depends on what you want as your final goal. I hate buying something now and finding for a few bucks more I could have avoided selling it (at a loss) and then buying what I should have bought the first time.

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  2. Treacherous

    Treacherous Minister of Fire

    May 13, 2010
    WA state
    The EF2800i looks like a fine generator. I have a couple EU2000i's. I keep one at my house and one at my cabin. It's really all I need if I have a power outage. It will drive both my freezer and refrigerator at the same time at house. I have natural gas there so if need be I can use the gas fireplace in lieu of the furnace. It would be nice to have transfer switches but power outages are so rare for me I went with simply routing an extension cord up into the middle of both places so I don't have to keep any doors propped for an extension cord.

    Using a 6 gallon marine tank with onboard 1 gallon gives me a runtime at 1/4 load of about 70 hours. Less of course with higher loads. I just pulled out my EU2000i at cabin this morning. I haven't fired this one up in two years but basically fogged it before putting it away. It took me about 10 cranks to get fuel pump primed and to the carb but fired right up and purred as usual. I plan to take it hunting with me next week. This usually puts 50-70 hours on it.

    I plan to go with the propane kit for the home generator since I don't like keep tons of gas around there. This new snorkel kit from US Carb doesn't even need a drilled carb for the propane kit.


    This is what they told me ---> "We have available now our Motor Snorkel kit which is designed to fit in between the air cleaner and the carburetor. This adapter is only a 1/4” thick and still allows the cover to fit back on. This option gives you a trifuel option without having to drill the carburetor."

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