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    I have a Temco wood Fireplace Insert that I installed about six months ago. For the first 4 months it burned well and seemed to have good airflow. However, lately we have been getting an increasing amount of smoke back drafts into the house. We do have an outside air port for it to draw from and that is not clogged. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you,


    There are a number of factors that can affect the draft of a chimney or fireplace. Wind, humidity and temperature are just some of the factors. Also, the chimney height, number of bends and cap type can make a difference. Lastly, the operator, wood and tightness of the house can make a difference. Please read about some of these factors at http://hearth.com/what/specific.html

    As the first try I'd make sure:

    1. You start the unit up HOT AND FAST with lots of kindling...this will warm the chimney and increase the draft.
    2. Crack a window in the room to bring in extra combustion air.
    3. Perhaps install glass doors, as they can lower the draft requirements.
    4. Increase chimney height (if possible) and /or replace cap with a unit that may have less flow restriction.

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