timber eze woodstove parts sources?

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    Oct 10, 2010
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    south fulton county pa
    hey fellas , did a search on the timber eze stoves and didnt find much.

    i have a 40 sumthin yr old house in pa with a timber eze wood boiler model 104-w tied to a 40 yr old oil boiler.oil boiler works well but gives off smke through the basement and subsequently the whole house, so i havent used it in like 5 yrs,just been burning wood.i have taken it apart and cleaned it and had it serviced by 2 boiler companies and still the same thing.

    today i find the heat collector like thing at the inside top of my burn box has a leak and now needs replaced. i havent worked in a long time and cant afford a new boiler so i was hoping one of you fine folks would be able to help me find a replacement collector.

    the tank is still good,the fire bricks are broken but still in place and the asbestos door cover is still in tact but the thing that looks like a cast iron radiator is dripping steadily.

    i have replaced circulator pumps and re routed some piping on the thing over the yrs so now i can do the work i just need the part.

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