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    Craig, I read through your Q & A but couldn't quite find the one I was looking for. We have a Franklin style woodstove purchased through Montgomery Ward in 1975. There is no brand name or manufacturing information anywhere. We are trying to sell our home but the engineer is telling us the woodstove must meet the new requirements unless we can find the installation guide. The stove is mounted in the corner with sheet rock and Z-brick behind it meaning a noncombustible wall but the chimney is 17" from the wall. Do you know of any manufacturer that has a code EXB or M20; these serial codes were on the parts. Thanks for any information that you can offer=)


    You will have an extremely difficult time finding the manual, so I'd stop looking. However, stoves built in 1975 did not require labels or listing, so most inspectors would go by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Assoc) standards. The installation that you mention does not meet these standards. Z-Brick and sheet rock are considered combustibles. Have your local inspector or hearth shop give you some pages from NFPA 211, the current code for fireplaces, stoves and vents. Basics for non-listed stoves:
    1. 36" from combustible wall - reduced by 2/3 if wall is protected by sheet metal mounted on 1" spacers (ventilated)
    2. Pipe. - Minimum 18" from wall..some codes call for 24" if 8" pipe.... Can also be reduced with shields

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