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    A lady is selling a 1 year old Earth Stove (pellet insert) for $1100. She didn't know the size but it looks pretty big to me. 36" X 36" X 26" (high). She said it was $2000 to install a years ago. It has brass trim. Is this a good stove? Is there anything I need to watch out for? I appreciate your help


    I would stay away from a used Pellet stove unless you have a dealer nearby who can service it- and unless you can get a service agreement or warranty extention. There are a lot of moving parts and electronics- and you need to be assured that you can keep it working. Find out who they bought it from and talk to the dealer before purchasing.<p>
    Earth Stove is now owned by Lennox - see link below for more info.

    Link: Earth Stove

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