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dunderhead48 Posted By dunderhead48, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:54 PM

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  1. dunderhead48

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    Oct 5, 2011
    Washington state
    Hi I'm new to the forum. But would like to throw this out to the other members for their thoughts on Lopi/Avalon/Travis ind. products. After burning firewood in a Lopi wood insert for 12 years I am finally running out of my own firewood and am not willing to pay the exorbitant cost of buying crappy firewood from my local firewood dealers. I found an older Lopi pellet insert for practically nothing. It has a few issues, which after a little trouble shooting and investigating I went to the local fireplace store Lopi dealer to order parts. I ordered a new auger motor $80 seemed reasonable. Two new snap disc switches $14 ea. ok, a new burn pot $72 ok so far. I needed new auger bearings upper and lower. I was quoted $100 each $200 for both!!! I was astounded at this price. How could they possibly charge $200 dollars for a couple of simple insert bearings, and where else would I go to order the parts if not from my local dealer. I did not order the bearings from the dealer. I found a part number on the actual bearings that I removed from the stove and did some researched on line. I found the exact bearing on line delivered to my mailbox for for under $20 bucks for both and I am still waiting for delivery of the parts from the dealer she said maybe Friday maybe Monday maybe maybe maybe.

    Travis industries parts policy sucks. For this reason alone I would not buy a new Travis Industries product. It would seem to me that anybody in the market for a pellet stove after researching this would find this policy unacceptable and look to another brand that allows a more open and competitive market on the replacement parts.
    Thanks dunderhead48
  2. Dr_Drum

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    I find that I can almost always find the exact same parts, or a superior part for less locally. We have a store here called Motion Industries and I purchase bearings, motors, chain, most anything mechanical there. Not only for a stove, but even dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. Other choices, MSCdirect and McMaster-Carr online.

    As for Travis Parts policy, I have never even read it, but I have received some parts completely free, out of warranty, by contacting the dealer I purchased from and they are in North Carolina and I am in Maine. Didn't even pay shipping.

    Mike -
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