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    I am looking at vent-free gas fireplaces because I live in a condominium. I would like to know if the models with catalytic converters are safer to use and can they be run for longer periods than the regular vent-free models. I would also appreciate the names of manufacturers that carry catalytic converter models.


    I don't know if safer is the right word, but they are MUCH cleaner. They put out less than 1/10 the the CO (Carbon Monoxide) that the non-catalytic vent frees. As far as longer periods of time, the moisture issue is still present, so it should still only be about 4-5 hours a day at max. Vermont Castings, Monesson and others make these units.

    A new hybrid fireplace by Innovative Hearth at http://www.innohearth.com also features reduced emmissions due to an electric ember bed.

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