Q&A Venting a Fireplace into a 6 inch chimney?

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    I have a location where a wood stove used to be. It's a corner location about 4 ft x 4 ft on the floor with a brick floor and brick walls all the way to the ceiling (7.5'). The thimble location for the wood stove is about 4 feet from the floor and is a 6" diameter (recall my question on changing this).Are there fireplaces sold that could be put in this corner and be setup to be just like a regular fireplace. I had heard of only 1 that could exhaust at a 90 angle. Do you know of any others?


    Very few (or no) fireplaces have 6" outlets. Between the small outlet and the relatively low thimble location- it could be tough !
    Check with the people at The Victorian Fireplaced Shop. They are experts in small fireplaces of all types.

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