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    Have you heard anything about the Resolute Acclaim burning out so that the cast iron needs frequent replacing? I have heard that they are now selling repair kits for the stove that pretty much replaces everything inside. Do you sell these kits? How much are they? How long can a repaired stove last under frequent use? Is there a better stove for regular use? Thank you for any information you can provide me.


    Vermont Castings had problems with the early Acclaims- and so they modified the design and also created a retrofit. This should last longer than the original design. You can purchase these parts from any Vermont Castings dealer - try one near you since they are quite heavy parts and the freight might be high from here.As far as a better stove- some steel units will hold up to more abuse. I 've used a Resolute Acclaim myself - but have few problems since I use only 1-2 cords per year.

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