Watts Hot Water Recirculator

Post in 'The Green Room' started by imacman, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. imacman

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    Just wondered if anyone else has installed one of these?

    I thought it would be good for my situation, as the kitchen sink is on totally opposite sides of the house from the indirect oil burner/hot water heater.

    It also makes the hot water available much quicker to all the other faucets in the house, and has the added feature of using it with the built-in timer. I set it for 5:30am (on) 8 am (off), 4:30 pm (on), 7pm (off) and 9:30pm (on) and 11pm (off).

    Installation wasn't hard...the pump/timer took me about 1 hr to install on the H2O heater outlet, and the under sink thermal valve took about 10 minutes. After installing, it does work as advertised...I LOVE not having to wait at all for hot water in the kitchen! Plus, I hope to save quite a bit of water that used to go down the drain while I waited for the hot stuff to make the trip across the house.

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  3. imacman

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    I thought about the cost to run, and that's why I bought one with a built-in timer....the way mine is set, it only runs for 27% of the time, during peak demand times in my home.

    I also installed a Intellidyne Heat Manager, so I'm hoping some of the heat loss in the pipes is offset by the latent heat that the Heat Manager pulls back out of the burner while it's not even running.

    And I really do think I'll see some significant water savings....I don't know how many times I would stand in the kitchen (furthest run for hot water), and the upstairs bathroom (2nd longest run), and think about all the water I was paying for and just sending down to the sewer. >:-(
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