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    1. Just purchased a large- two door Buck stove fireplace insert- to be installed in a masonry fireplace. It did not have any instructions. What suggestions might you be able to pass along?
    2. The fireplace has a cleanout that could provide outside air. I'd like to set the stove well into the fireplace opening.
    3. I'm told that Buck stoves do not need additional piping up the chimney. Do they need to be airtight to the flue?


    1. Buck Stove is located in Spruce Pine- NC
    Buck Stove PO Bx 69 Spruce Pine- NC 28777
    See link below
    2. No- you should cover the cleanout with sheet metal- as it will be difficult to connect any outside air in this fashion.
    3. They do need to be positively connected to the flue...at least 5 feet up the chimney with a stainless steel plate. See the extended information section at HearthNet for more information.

    Link: Buck Stove

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